Prototyping DEMI-RHOMBI like crazy!

Our studio is putting in the first orders with manufacturers, after prototyping DEMI-RHOMBI like crazy! These are such exciting times <3 Keep track of us, we’re moving fast 🙂

DEMI-RHOMBI is een reconfigurable origami-lamp that can be installed as a ceiling lamp as well as a table lamp. DEMI-RHOMBI is based op cutting-edge scientific research published in top-tier journal Nature by Bas Overvelde in 2017.

DEMI-RHOMBI is inspired by the structural diversity en foldability of prismatic geometries that can be built using origami techniques. In its core, DEMI-RHOMBI is a cube, a Platonic solid. Three out of the five Platonic solids (the cube, tetrahedron and the dodecahedron) were described by  Pythagoras around 550 before Christ. More than a century and a half later (427-347 before Christ) Plato described the other two solids: de octahedron and the icosahedron.


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