29 September - 30 September 2018 Maker Faire in Eindhoven, NL

When raindrops break the sunlight, a rainbow is created with beautiful colors. The raindrops function as a cluster of prisms. RainMaker is an interactive world of movement, geometry and color that mimics this enchanting effect. As a collaborative artwork, RainMaker will grow organically during the Maker Faire, we invite you to become a part of it too. In RainMaker we will incorporate 12.000 MATHEMAGIC building blocks, our own design, based on scientific research by Bas Overvelde into metamaterials.

MATHEMAGIC is inspired by the structural diversity and foldability of prismatic geometries that can be built using origami techniques. With MATHEMAGIC you can build geometries that are based and mathematical solids such as Catalan and Johnson solids, Platonic and Archimedean solids, but also prisms and anti-prisms, that demonstrate mind-boggling reactions to external stimuli. All these shapes lend themselves perfectly to create a dynamic and colorful rainscape built from reconfigurable structures equipped with sensors and motors. This way, mathematics become tangible!

MATHEMAGIC is 100% Dutch design: designed by Studio Overvelde (est. 2017), the design lab of artist Sanne Overvelde-Slagman. Studio Overvelde specializes in mathematical approaches and so-called ‘architected materials’. These new materials come to life in the interactive innovations that evoke poetic visions where people, science, technology and art conveniently collide.

LET IT RAIN! - Come and build with us during Maker Faire!

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