Digital Genetic Modification - 2018 (in preparation)

We are currently working on an exciting collaborative project proposal with visual artist Elsa Snijder. Her photography forms the creative basis for our genetically modified, digital and abstract offspring. Studio Overvelde is developing an algorithm that recodes the original stills and results in unexpected cross-breedings. "We meet by chance and move each other" (Snijder 2017).

In a first proof-of-concept, we used well-known works of Piet Mondriaan and Johannes Vermeer. Resulting in ... what exactly? Can we still call the work in the first still a Mondriaan and the work of Vermeer in the second still a Vermeer? Or do the works change into the work of the other maker? And if so, when does this happen? At what point becomes the Mondriaan a Vermeer (and the other way around), and why?